GCSE English Language Tutors

A brief look at the GCSE English Language syllabus and further study options from The Profs.

Why study GCSE English Language?

English is the second most commonly spoken language in the world behind only Mandarin Chinese. In nearly sixty territories, it is one of the official languages and it is widely regarded as the international language of business. As such, the study of English Language is valuable for communicating throughout the world.

What does GCSE English Language cover?

The English language will already be familiar from earlier study but GCSE English Language goes into greater detail regarding grammar and vocabulary. In addition, the GCSE requires analysis of both fiction and non-fiction, helping students learn how to understand them. Students will also be required to write in a coherent, accurate and clear manner, communicating ideas or themes using a varied vocabulary.

Most GCSE English Language courses will analyse the way in which a writer will approach a topic over time and the changes that can be identified. There will also be some exploration as to how different authors captivate their readers. The techniques of description or narration by which the writers achieve this will also be explored.

GCSE English Language courses generally have an element of spoken language. This aspect may not formally be part of the GCSE grade but is likely to be assessed and marked by the teacher throughout the course. It will then form a separate Spoken Language endorsement. The skills required will include presenting information, using the correct standard of English and listening to questions or feedback and responding appropriately.

Where can I use GCSE English Language?

GCSE English Language is a minimum requirement for many further education courses and career choices. In this respect, it is an important qualification to achieve. It is vital for most undergraduate courses and many jobs will specify GCSE English and Maths.

Of course, the study of English Language should also be an enjoyable way in which to approach writing and to develop the techniques necessary to communicate effectively. The skills learned whilst completing GCSE English Language are transferable to a wide variety of academic and commercial paths.

Communication skills of all kinds are honed during this GCSE. Students will develop their writing abilities to ensure accurate and lucid communication. Analysis skills will be honed through the investigation of different texts. This will similarly develop essential comprehension abilities.

Is GCSE English Language right for me?

GCSE English Language is a requirement for the majority of jobs or further study but hopefully, this won’t be the only reason to opt for the course. The different exam boards have created courses intended to stimulate and inspire you. There will be a variety of texts from different time periods so there should be something to engage most students.

An English Language qualification shows potential employers that you have the ability to communicate effectively in English, both written and verbally. It demonstrates a multitude of transferable skills such as analysis, comprehension and communication.

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