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Tormod - Sociology tutor
TormodFive Years Tutoring Experience in a wide range of Arts & Humanities Subjects, Trained and Experienced Anthropologist.

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Dr Helen

PhD in criminology and social psychology, Oxford graduate, fully qualified barrister, and extensive experience in social research and public policy.

Dr Helen
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About Dr Helen

I have a background in law, social policy, sociology, social psychology and criminology. However, I also support a range of subject areas and currently teach a numeracy and computer skills course, as well as tutoring social work, business, and law/social science students.

I offer:

- academic tutoring and skills development, including essay writing, engaging with subject matter, and how to form arguments

- dissertation/coursework support from inception to completion

- proof reading and editing

- holistic support, addressing any aspect of a student's life so that they are better able to focus on their studies

- career and future planning

I have a strong academic background and an in-depth knowledge of universities and what it takes to perform academically. I help my students to succeed on their own merit and to develop transferable skills such as writing and critical thinking. I work holistically with each student so that they can bring any aspect of their lives to the tutoring sessions to be addressed. This provides a confidential space and has a wider focus than more conventional forms of tutoring. My sessions are designed to support, challenge, inspire, and build confidence.


Dissertation and Psychology Tutor: MSc Forensic Psychology from Maastricht University, John Jay College of Criminal Justice (NYC), published in International Journal of Law, Crime & Justice.

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About Eva

I'm a Forensic Psychologist and published Human Trafficking researcher, currently based in London and Paris. I'm half-Dutch, half-Slovak, speak seven languages and have lived and studied all over the world. I specialise in dissertation tutoring and academic writing skills, especially in the fields of Criminology and Psychology. I'd say I have somewhat of a psychologists' approach to tutoring: I tailor an individual approach to each of my students, suited to their learning wants and needs. My aim is not to lecture or teach necessarily but to foster tools and skills that can help a student develop the ability to learn independently from me.


Five Years Tutoring Experience in a wide range of Arts & Humanities Subjects, Trained and Experienced Anthropologist.

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About Tormod

As a trained anthropologist lecturer and researcher I have worked extensively on research methods, ethics, minority and human rights issues as well as nationalism, terrorism and conflict issues.

During my research on the Basque conflict in Spain I learned how to conduct research ethically and safely in a difficult political climate. Based on fieldwork in the Basque country, I have presented papers at several international conferences on themes such as political violence, the anthropology of Human Rights and doing fieldwork in conflict zones.


Fantastic help and support from the first phone call, Tutor is fabulous, and the staff on the other end of the phone are there to help with whatever your questions may be. If someone wasn’t available, I got an immediate call back. Really took the stress away and would highly recommend.